This is a story about a dog who became a dog.

This is a story about a dog who became a dog.



This is a story about a dog.

Doggie lived on this planet and had a wonderful life, even though he never knew his real father.
But there was something about him that was different…
Doggie thought he was a cat.
He ate cat food, he walked like a cat, jumped like a cat, played with cat stuff. He even knew how to meow and purr like a cat!
This was the normal natural life he was used to live.
No one told him any different.
His friends, family, and a lot of spiritual dogs didn`t tell him anything different.

Until one day, while he was trying to catch a mouse in the park, another dog got his attention.
It looked like a normal dog, yet, it had something about it that made Doggie curious.
He had to search it out.
At first he decided to observe the dog from a distance, he saw really interesting things happen.
The dog didn`t jump like him, he walked in a different way, he didn`t purr and somehow he made a noise that didn`t sound like meow but like Woof!!
‘’This is amazing’’, doggie thought. Something about this dog worked like a magnet on doggie and he hád to come closer to talk with him.

The dog saw doggie come closer and said: ‘’Hello there my nice dog-friend.’’
Doggie answered: ‘’Dog-friend? I am a cat! And my name is Doggie.’’
The dog smiled and said: ‘’Really? My name is Doggson, nice to meet you.’’
They started to chat and soon the hours went by and, with tears in his eyes, Doggie said: ‘’Doggson, it sounds crazy, but I have observed you for a long time, and now that I am with you, it feels like home…

I don`t want to live another day without you close to me! You give me the feeling as if I really exist, and somehow you make me feel as if we are like each other. But you probably think that`s crazy, because we are so different. I am a cat, you are a dog….’’
Doggson smiled and said: ’’I don`t think you are crazy, not at all. And I don`t think we are different from each other. What you feel when you are with me, is a recognition deep within yourself that we are more alike than you thought, and maybe, maybe what feels like ‘’home’’ is the realization that what you see about me could be true about you!’’ 
‘’And being close to me feels like being close to who you really are! Your authentic self!’’
Doggie smiled and wanted to disagree, but something inside him just didn`t want to stop listening to Doggson.
Doggie said: ‘’So can it be that I have always been a dog like you, and that I just thought I was a cat?
Did I deny my true identity all my life long?’’
‘’That`s right’’ ,Doggson said, ‘’you have always been a dog like me, but you never knew it. You were ignorant of this truth all along.’’
‘’Long long ago when Doggfather made all things  in my image, the dogs, in their immaturity, believed the lie that they somehow were not made perfect  in my image and that they had to go on a journey to become their true selves…’’
‘’That was the moment they started to deny who they really were…they denied their true identity and started living as cats, thinking as cats in everything they did…’’
‘’They forgot that they were dogs,like me.’’

‘’Dogfather and I always knew this would happen one day. But we also knew that we would come and walk on earth ourselves. There is nothing we desire more, than to live on this earth together with all other dogs!’’
‘’You are one with Dogfather!?’’ Doggie said.
‘’Yes Doggie,it sounds weird, but He and me are one and the same and now the time had come to show all dogs who they really are. I would be a mirror in front of them. I would help them to discover that they were not cats, but that they were like me, made in my image. I would help them to remember who they really are and that Doggfather has made them good.’’
‘’We knew that they would start to realize that my image has always been inside of them, that I am in them.’’
‘’Doggie, that is what you were feeling, you were realizing ‘me’ inside of you! That you are made in my image!’’

Doggie was overwhelmed with everything Doggson told him. This sounded too good to be true!
All along he had been living as someone else! All along he thought he was a cat! He did everything that a cat did!
Regret filled his heart…how could he éver make up for all the times he shamed Doggfather?!
Doggson knew what he was thinking and said: ‘’Doggie, don`t be sad. You can never make right that you walked the wrong way, no one can… I will make it right for everyone!’’
‘’Doggfather and I have always loved you, we have always loved you as family.’’
‘’I wanted to live as a dog on earth, and I wanted to show all dogs who they really are, but I will also make right what you could never make right.’’
‘’I will give my live for everyone, I will lay it down, I will enter into the death that everyone deserved…’’
Doggie interrupted him: ‘’No! Don`t do that! I don`t want you to die!’’
Doggson smiled: ‘’Doggie,I will enter into death, but it will not be able to hold me down.’’
‘’My heart is so strong and my unity with My Father is so strong that death can try to keep me down, but she will loose and I will get up again!’’
‘’This will be a picture for you that what I say about you is true and that death can never hold down the image of me inside of you.’’
‘’If you believe this about yourself you won`t have to fear death anymore, because the life inside of you is an indestructible life!’’  😀
Doggie started to laugh and jump around: ‘’Wow! An indestructible life! Darkness, death, nothing can hold me down anymore!’’

Doggie stopped jumping around and suddenly asked: ‘’But, how is this possible? How can you die for everyone?! How is that possible?’’
Doggson replied: ‘’Good question. I`ll give you the answer, but it`s okay if you don`t fully understand it.’’

‘’Take your time to think about the following things I have to say: ‘’I told you that Doggfather and I are one.
And everything that is created was created in me, even before this world was made and even before I came to this earth. It was in the time when my name still was ‘Son’. I held everything in place.
It`s difficult to understand, but in eternity time is something different. In eternity I hold the beginning and the end of everything within me.’’
‘’So I choose to step into this natural world, I took on me the DNA of this world.
The DNA of everything that ever was ,and that ever will be, became the same as my DNA.
So whatever happens to me, to my DNA, happens to all the DNA in the universe. And to all the DNA of the past, present and future.’’
Doggson smiled: ‘’Can you still follow me?’’
‘’I decided to step into this created world and I had the plan to step into death. Can you figure out what would happen if I did that?’’
‘’Everything would die together with me. Everything that separated itself from Doggfather would now be included in my death. All the DNA of everything ever created. All the dogs, and even nature and animals. I wanted to take everything with me in this death, so that I could also take everything with me into my resurrection!’’
Doggie was impressed: ‘’Wow, that is a brilliant plan! You died, and everything died with you! And you came out of death, and everything else came alive too! You united everything with you!’’
‘’So does that mean that you somehow swallowed up everything in you?’’Doggie asked.
‘’Yes, I swallowed everything, even death! And now there is no more excuse for anything or anyone to be separated from me. I took all of the universe in a big embrace of love!’’
‘’I did this once and for everything. I don`t have to do this again.’’ 🙂
‘’It was a perfect plan. A finished work!’’
Doggie was amazed: ‘’Wow, I think I will be thinking about this forever and ever. This is crazy!’’ 😀
‘’I don`t know if I can take in more information’’, Doggie sighed.
‘’But let me get this straight’’:
‘’I have always been a dog, but I thought I was something else.’’
‘’You tell me you came to the earth to refresh my mind and show me who I really am.’’
‘’You also took away my guilt and separation from Doggfather and even the separation between the universe and Doggfather?!’’
‘’You became one with creation and died the death of creation.’’
‘’And you came alive and you brought creation back to life?!’’
‘’So I can finally be myself: A real dog!?’’
‘’I don`t have to do anything else to be my real self?’’
‘’Is there a trick or key or way to become that real self? Please tell me!’’

‘’Oh Doggie, you are on your way of understanding it better and better.’’

‘’And please, no, you don`t have to do anything. There is no trick, no key, no other way to be totally yourself than to just believe what I told you and to start changing your mind.’’
‘’Remember that I am the way to life, I am the Truth about your life, and I am your life.’’
‘’And because of this you will also experience the connection with Doggfather you have always wanted.’’
Doggie shouted: ‘’Wow, I feel so full of joy, peace and of the realization that everything between me and you and Doggfather is perfect! And that nothing can ever break that Truth!’’
Before he knew it he heard a loud ‘Woof!’ of joy come out of his mouth! Doggie started barking with joy! He started to feel like a whole new dog. As if he was born for the first time!
‘’That`s right Doggie. That is what it feels like when you believe the truth about you and me.’’

‘’Just receive all my words as a gift and relax.’’
And suddenly Doggson was gone…he disappeared! But he left a picture of himself on the ground.

Doggie began to see the truth about himself. He was amazed at the thought that he was already perfect and 100% who he was created to be. But it wasn`t always easy to believe.

The next few days were amazing. Doggie felt like a real dog. He was full of joy.
But after a week things started to become difficult.
One day he woke up and tried his new bark… It didn`t sound that great.
He wanted to eat something, but he was thinking about cat food…
He looked in the mirror and lost all hope…
‘’I guess it was not true. I guess I am still not a real dog. I am still my old self!’’
But suddenly he was reminded of the picture that Doggson left behind.
And he heard his voice say: ‘’Doggie, remember, the key to your freedom is to look at me, just as you look in a mirror. Look at my picture and remember who you are.’’
Doggie looked at the picture and hope started to come back into his eyes. He looked at his eyes of love, he remembered his words of Truth: ‘’Doggie, whenever you forget about yourself, start to look at me. Look at me and you will see that your mind will be filled with truth.’’

‘’Your emotions will start to feel what I feel. Your will shall become free to choose what is right. Just look at me.’’
‘’It is a journey of discovering the treasures that are inside of you. You already are who you are meant to be. You don`t need anything else or anyone else to tell you there is a better way.’’ ‘
‘’I am alive in you, and you are alive in me.’’
Joy, peace and the sense of perfect friendship filled Doggie and he knew: 
Looking at Doggson, relaxing , remembering his perfection and unity with him, is all he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

It was a struggle sometimes.
Especially when friends and family would still tell him he was his old self and that nothing ever changed. They would say he was still a cat and maybe he could become a dog one day when he tried really hard and that when he eventually died he would finally be perfect.
But Doggie didn`t believe them and held fast to his believe in the words of Doggson and more and more he could see his real self come alive.

That is what it`s all about. All of us waking up to the discovery of His image in us, that has been hidden deep within, like a precious treasure waiting to be found.

(It was my attempt to  display some of my thoughts in this story that I wrote this afternoon. Maybe it`s not a great story and maybe I still have to learn a lot. But I hope you could somehow get a little glimpse of the things that are going on in my thought life)