I invite everyone that has not yet started the journey,to come with me on this journey to middle earth,what Tolkien wrote about in his books.
This journey to the middle of our hearts and the heart of Jesus.
At first, I fled the ways of the world.
That transformed the quality of my life like crazy.
I lost some good friends, some nice lusts I enjoyed, some pleasures I could not enjoy anymore.
The last years I am fleeing the ways of the Christian religion.
That is transforming the quality of my life in even a greater way than in my first conversion.
Maybe I will lose some good friends, lose some of the religious lusts I enjoyed and lose some of the religious pleasures I had…
oh wait, forget about the thought that there would actually exists something like `religious pleasures`, haha.

I have never really been ashamed of Jesus.
I am not ashamed of the gospel.
I think I have been more ashamed of Christianity,
ashamed of the way I tried to represent Him,
Ashamed of my crazy religious believes that put me in a prison and that made unbelievers run away, for they also did not want to be put in a prison like I was in!
I  can understand their resistance against Christianity, it was never really against Jesus.
For who can resist the real Jesus?!
That`s right, it`s time to let people hang out with the real Jesus.
The Jesus that is in me, not the moral Jesus that religion made Him to be.

Long ago I realized I had to flee the ways of the world, the lusts and their way of living.
Now I see I also have to flee the Christian religion, their works and their way of living.

I died to sin
I died to myself

And I have died to the Christian religion.
The more I realize and believe these 3 things the more freedom and joy I experience.
And just let Jesus be His authentic self in me.

As long as I am more relaxed when I hang out with unbelievers compared to believing people
As long as I see more authenticity in the life of unbelievers compared to believing people
we as a Church are still not living the real fee life we proclaim to be living.

So I am leaving it all behind.
I realize I can`t take all my beloved friends with me,but if they want, they are always welcome to join me on the journey.
One thing I know for sure, there is no going back for me.
And no looking back.
I am a new creation, and I just can`t live a compromising life anymore.
Sorry Christianity I want you out of my life,there is no more `us`,I am one with Someone else.
No more compromises.

(for everyone that feels concerned about me after reading this: I love the Church, I love my family of believers,I love the journey of maturing together,I am hopeful and part of everyone who loves Jesus. But I will move on in this journey of relationship,guarding my heart and firmly resisting religiosity and the enemy that invented it!) 

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