Today I write my blog in English,because I told someone I would do that 🙂
It`s great to be back in a house full with people and a lot of them are students.
That means: “happy chaos“ and everyone living with different timezones!
So some of them go to bed at 11.00 pm and some of them go to bed at 04.00 am.
And eventually the last one is out of bed at 02.00 pm the next day,haha.

Last night at 11.00 p.m they asked me to play a board game. I said yes and we started playing the game `Risk`. It was a long long battle and I had to conquer Africa and Azia.
And eventually…at 03.30 am I won the game!
Wow, that was an amazingly tiring and long game…but we had fun! 🙂

Today I got to babysit 2 new friends for the night: 2 guinea pigs!
I have called them Rosy and Ann,haha.
They remember me of my former guinea pig called Fozzy…we had good times together 🙁 But,he should not have eaten the cables of my electronics…sorry Fozzy…
And they already peed on my bed twice!
So I put them back in their mobile home ,haha, they are really silent now…good!

Life is good, friendship is something beautiful. I had a good time today with my friend Matthias. Relaxing together,good talks,eating with 12 people,dreaming…good times.

(warning: romantic,dramatic part ahead!)

Most space in my mind nowadays is being consumed by thoughts about…

Nope, oops…..(please pray for me! 😉 )
That special girl from Brasille?
I`ve tried different kind of techniques to get her out of my mind…but they don`t seem to work…
When I close my eyes, I see her…
When the music fades, it is as if I hear her voice calling me…
When I look at the past, I think of how I met her…
When I look at the present,I feel how much I miss her…
When I think about the future,I see her and me together…
Is this bad? Am I losing my mind? Hehe.
Ok,ok it`s not as bad as it looks…It’s just that I`ve never met any girl like her and that I like to be dramatic about it sometimes,haha.
Rosyan, if you read this: I like you a lot of a lot 😉

I`m so happy!
God is good!


Matthias and Rosy & Ann


Rosy & Ann and a towel because they peed on my bed!! They spend the night with me…but,in their mobile home!
The boardgame!


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